Classa Lojistik Hizmetleri expands its service network with its warehousing solutions with its subsidiaries focusing on warehouse and warehouse management applications. Klassa Logistics Services, operating with a team of experts in the field; It is also used for international logistics operations such as transit transfers, export storage and transportation operations. Our company, with its centers close to important road transport and maritime transport points in Turkey; manages an operation in which all technical and legal details are taken into account.


Classa Logistics Warehouse Services provides control of materials by organizing taxation and official payments especially in customs processes. Warehouse areas, where export products from international overseas countries are stored in an organized manner, are an area where all security procedures are applied precisely. At this point, packaging and storage solutions are applied with all the equipment required for both the logistics processes and the storage leg of the logistics operation. In addition, logistics methods such as packaging and handling are also used in the bonded warehouse area, which operates as a bonded warehouse.

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